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Hello, I am a fishaholic that loves going fishing at anytime, day, or season. I mainly fish with my open faced reel during the summer since I have no practice with fly fishing. But, during the winter it's all about tip-ups, and jigging. I hope I can provide this community with thoughtful fishing related skills to futher ones knowlege and appreciation for the hobbie and sport.

I also enjoy hunting although I haven't gotten a deer yet. I mainly small games hunt until I can get a rifle.

I am going to add more hubs so keep an eye out for 'em!

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    Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1986

    3 years ago

    Throughout my research, I found many things that were going on in our country that led up to the creation of this amended act. In spite of the public's reaction to the establishment of this new law there was panic in...

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    Pablo Escobar Criminology Theories

    3 years ago

    Whenever we try to explain why a criminal did a crime it is usually done with the use of theories. Usually, one theory cannot give explanation to how, or why the person chose to become a criminal. It takes several...

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